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The vast majority of properties sold in the Toronto area are Listed for sale with a Realtor - SELECTION
  • Save time and effort
  • Product knowledge - know the marketplace, neighbourhoods, property value, etc.
  • Professional negotiation skills
  • Can assist with financing

  • When?
      As soon as you decide you want to purchase a home or explore your purchasing options.
  • Help you realize what you can afford
  • Help you realize what you want vs what you need
  • Introduce you to areas of the city you might not have considered

  • How?
      Are you going to work exclusively with one agent in a Buyer Agency relationship or are you going to work with an agent as a customer or a client?

    Are you going to work exclusively with one agent or are you going to call around to any and all agents whose ads, signs, etc. you see?

      Most of the time you spend with a realtor will be in looking at properties, although you will also spend time in his office or your home working over an offer(s)

      Working with an agent should be a rewarding experience both financially and emotionally.

    Selecting the agent you work with can be as important a decision as the property you buy.

    Make sure you both like and trust the agent you decide to work with.

    Don't be afraid to ask for references.


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