Another building season has almost come and gone,and what a fantastic season it has been.

While we are not quite finished at the time of this posting - still have the kitchen cabinets etc. to be installed, bathrooms finished, septic system installed, landscaping, by now we are definitely on the home stretch. This would be a great time to say thank you to all the people who have helped my dream come true.

Firstly my honey, who even though she thinks I bamboozelled her on the cost, what building project ever comes in under budget, has nonetheless been steadfast in her support, enduring my long absences from the city and my single mindedness when we have been up to the lake together as I work on something else.

Secondly all of my clients, whose trust in my abilities to take care of them have given me the financial wherewithall to actually make this project come true.

Thirdly our brother-in law Rory O'neill, who not only called me five years ago when our property came for sale, but also found (reclaimed from the roof of a barn) and had milled the oak boards which became our finished floor.

Fourthly, Christian Klemt, our architect, who sadly while no longer with us had such an acute sense of our property (after only one visit and ill at the time) that he designed for us what I believe is truly an outstanding building.

Lastly all of the great guys and girl on my crew who actually helped me build our cottage.

Neville Lehrer, Stella Fakiyesi & Lucille Csonka from Toronto, my colleagues who looked after my business while I was away over the past three summers.

Theo and Marico (cousin) from Kingston - (carpenter & labourer/cook) two complete summers on the job site.

Gueno (one of my winter camping crew and good buddy) and his boys (Garret/Brian/George/Dee/Jean-marie/Ton) from Toronto - Reno by Gueno (contractor) eight weeks over three summers.

Len Heath from Marmora - welder extraordinaire (over 200 hours).

John Lalonde (good buddy) from Toronto - Elevated Contracting (roofer) four weeks over two summers

Akira (cousin) from Kingston - labourer five weeks over one summer

Vijay, Rajiv & Benjamin (nephews) from Toronto and Lincoln, England - labourers one week, two weeks and one week

Kim Hughes & Josh from Marmora - excavator/boom truck/septic three weeks over three years

Susan & Demetre - from Toronto - foundation

Waclaw from Toronto - W Hardwood Flooring (floor finisher/installer)

Tom Logan from Marmora - propane installation

David Marcus (brother-in law) & Margaret Macdonald from Toronto - Aya kitchens and baths

Matt Reed from Toronto - Blackwell Bowick Structural Engineers

Debbie/Doug & crew from Belleville - Moria Glass (all the big windows & vents)

Brian from Belleville - Trinity Windows (smaller windows & doors)

Mrs. O'neill and pop O'neill from across the lake - whose generosity in allowing us to use their place as an offsite lumber yard and just generally looking out for us sure made things easier

Kevin from across the lake - keeping an eye on things when we left the site unattended

Anthony from Toronto - Reverso Manufacturing - fabricated our fireplace

Flickinger Glass from Brooklyn New York - fabricated curved glass for fireplace

Noreen & Gatean from Uxbridge - N & G soapstone - fireplace cladding

John Steele from Campbellford - WETT certification for fireplace

Scott/Russ/Ashley and all the staff from Marmora - Broadbent's Home Hardware

Dean & Gord from Madoc - Wilson's Forest Products

Don from Norwood 10th Line - Lutes Cedar

Tino & Max from Toronto - Downtown Lumber (bathroom showroom Ossington)

And I suppose lastly but certainly not least all of our neighbours on the lake both near and far who have had to endure three seasons, plus a bit more work next year as we finish, of our generator running almost non stop.

Thank you all, very very much.


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